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Home of  American cosplayer Krystal, better known as "Sumikins"

I am a cosplayer from the  Pacific Northwest, and this is my corner of the internet for talking about my activities in the cosplay  community. Here you will find photos, videos of stage performances, tutorials, and more

I am a self-taught seamstress and have been making my own costumes since 2002. You can see photos of my work and detailed write-ups under Costumes  and check out my Tutorials and other cosplay-writings on my Blog -- to learn more about what I do outside of cosplay, check out About Me


I've been competing in cosplay competitions around the country since 2007, with a heavy emphasis on performance.  You can see a selection of my stage work under Performances and learn about the groups I've collaborated with under My Groups

Competitive Cosplay

I have experience with both judging and coordinating cosplay events, as well as leading panels.  You can read about my experience and credentials by downloading my resume from under Contact, where you also can contact me about event appearances.  To get a feel for what I can offer as a panelist, check out my Blog


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