Digimon Adventure / 02 / tri.

I've known that I was interested in cosplaying as a Digimon even before I became attached to cosplaying any of the kids.  I figured, as an adult, it was my best option.  When a bunch of my friends were making Bunny-Suit designs, I realized I'd like to challenge myself to make one too... except I didn't want to have a 'bunny suit costume'.  Then, I remembered Angewomon's design, and how I could actually pull it off if I integrated the structure of a traditional bunny-suit.  


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Costume Construction

The wig is made from 2 'almond/purple/taro' wigs I got from Lucaille.  Coffee's hair is a bit strange, so I had to do a lot of custom styling on this, even removing wefts so that it wouldn't be too heavy in the end.  The side tail is  a clip-in that I made myself from the majority of the second wig, while I used the first as the base.




Construction Notes coming soon.

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