Misa Amane

Death Note

I was going to a cosplay gathering in February, and my friend Heather was going to be cosplaying as Light. The theme was "red string", and it was sort of a couples thing... and I'd always thought Misa was kind of cute so I ran out to the thrift store to see what I could throw together! :D


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VARIATION: Closet Cosplay
COMPLETED: Febaruary 2008

STATUS: Retired
DEBUTED: Seattle Winter Cosplay Gathering

WORN TO: SCG, Anime Central 2008

COST: <$50



Costume Construction

I didn't sew a single thing. The skirt, all three shirts (two camisoles and a black see-through over-shirt) shoes, and half the jewelry were purchased at Value Village. The tights and wig were purchased at the local costume shop, and the rest of the jewelry I already owned. The wig took a lot of attempts to get just right, but when it came together I was really surprised at the nice placement of them, and that none of my netting from the wig really showed through! The wig was by Incognito, and was some weird variant on 613 that I haven't been able to match since. The leather jacket was a gift from my mom that I already had in my closet.


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