I really love to share my knowledge and help my fellow cosplayers.  Below are a series of video tutorials, as well as informational videos and Vlogs that I hope others can find useful. For a full collection please check out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, youtube.com/user/sumikins

How to make an EASY Elizabethan Ruffle

Useful For: Harley Quinn, Trinity Blood,  Sakizou, and historical-inspired costumes

I'm a visual learner, so when I went looking for a good, easy tutorial on how to make Elizabethan-style 'ruff' collars, I came up quite empty handed. Most were either too dark, unhelpful, or more complicated than I thought it should be. I combined an all-text tutorial (what I could understand) and a tutorial for a different kind of ruffle, and this is the method I got!

You will need:

  • Ribbon (approx. 6 yds for a collar of 1/2 inches high)

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Scissors

  • Yard Stick or Measuring Tape

  • Lighter or Candle

  • Your choice of notions (snaps, hooks, velcro)

Attack on Titan: How to Tie Mikasa's Scarf

Useful For: Mikasa & Levi cosplay

When I decided to cosplay Mikasa, one of the first things I noticed, is that it seemed impossible to tie a scarf of average length, into Mikasa's short style. Furthermore, the way it was drawn, seemed impossible. How could the tails come straight down, in the center, from under a smooth band across the neck? And then, I discovered the Ascot Knot, which I will now demonstrate. There are some slight modifications in my tutorial, to get a more specific look, specifically for Mikasa cosplayers.


NOTE: To modify this knot for Levi, use a thinner, light-weigth white scarf/fabric. Then, in Step #7, pull the top band down UNDER the knot, instead of over it.

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