Garnet "Dagger" til Alexandros XVII

Final Fantasy IX

Garnet had been one of my dream cosplays, basically since I started really getting into cosplay.  My ultimate dream costume was her gown, but I got nudged into doing this one much sooner.  You can't see the flaws in the photos though, thanks goodness.  In the end, it barely lasted through one wear, and I bought all the supplies to re-make it the way I really want it. As of 2019 though, I still haven't done it. 

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VARIATION: Bodysuit / Short Hair
COMPLETED: Spring 2008

STATUS: Retired
DEBUTED: SakuraCon 2008

WORN TO: SakuraCon 2008

COST: <$200



Costume Construction

I knew this was going to be a crazy project before I even started it.

Starting at the top: the wig was a New Look "Dutch Boy" in #4, with straightening and custom cutting. The choker was made from some leftover semi-shine polyester fabric I had lying around. The blouse was made using white casa satin, and an out of print pattern that I bought a couple of years prior. The bodysuit was made of marigold ponte, using two different patterns- a stretch pants pattern, and a short bodice piece from a renaissance pattern.  I don't reccomend this fabric, as it didn't have nearly as much stretch as I really needed (it was a 2-way vs a 4-way stretch) which made tailoring the suit really difficult.  The belt buckles were made from buckles off some clearance belts and customized with craft foam and paper clay, colored with metallic spray paint and pewter rub-n-buff.

The gloves were a pair of red leather gloves that I bought at wal-mart, with the straps made from red vinyl. The same red vinyl was used to cover and customize the boots - I used super glue and stretched and held the vinyl in place. It took several layers of experimentation, and they were still really still not done.

The pendant was a complex job. The crystal was first sculpted in plaster, then I made a mold and cast it in resin. The crown topper was make from a combination of sculpy, craft foam, rhinestones (for the studs) and silver metallic spraypaint. The final touches were done with pewter rub-n-buff. It was all held together with good old super glue.


The rod was a surprise gift from DiZ Cosplay/Nutcracker Props.

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