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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 

It's not really an exaggeration to say that Sailor Moon Groups are both Overdone and also something Most Cosplay Girls Who Grew Up in the 90's want to be a part of.   I've seen a lot of drama over uniformity in those groups, and it all seemed exhausting.  But... I've always loved this set of Prototype designs for the five Inners.  This year, I finally found other people who wanted to do it with me.  I never had a preference for design except that Mercury was my least favorite... so I got cast as Moon! 


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VARIATION: Prototype


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Costume Construction

The wig is from two off-brand black bobs that I bought from a friend, and sewed together to make a thicker wig.  Then I did some custom cutting. 

For the fuku, I used the Yaya Han / McCalls skirted-leotard pattern as a base, bow patterns from Cosmic Coterie but modified using Sparkle Pipsi's bow tutorial, and modifying various glove-roll tutorials.  The collar was made from a home-drafted pattern I had laying around, and the sleeves were drafted by me using a heavy-weight interfacing.  The broad was a plastic Star ornament I bought and meticulously dissolved glue and scraped glitter off of.  I made the tiara out of 6mm EVA foam and a lightly-sanded rhinestone.    The boots were a pair I got at the thrift store, which I made matching covers for using the same satin from the rest of my fuku.  The gloves were purchased from Zaza Bridal on Amazon.    I built the glaive a print-out I scaled myself, EVA foam, air-dry clays and resin, and PVC pipe.  

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