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On a visit from CA, my friend Chris brought his Kinect and his copy of Dance Central.  We all had a blast playing it, and as we are known to do, started looking at the character designs.  They are so ridiculous, but the game is so fun, we figured, why not?  Next thing we knew, we were talking about a Dance Central group, and out of all the girls in the game, Dare's design is arguably the weirdest, and the most fun! An EXCUSE to wear glasses upside-down, and rain boots?  Yes please!


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VARIATION: Neon Dreams
COMPLETED: Spring 2011

DEBUTED: SakuraCon 2011

WORN TO: SakuraCon 2011

COST: <$100



Costume Construction

The renders are a little different from the draw-down art, and are mostly what I based my costume on (so black tights instead of white, and the added teal band on the rain boots) There's a lot about this costume that just went wrong, but it functioned well enough for it's first go around.  It's made of two layers -- a dress made of nude-colored dance-lining, and a dress made of black nylon mesh.  The nylon mesh layer is painted with puffy paints, free-hand, and then worn over the nude dress.  Everything else was completely purchased -- the bracelets came from Claire's Accessories, the glasses were bought on Ebay, as were the rain boots.  The wig is a piece of poo Halloween wig, which was originally purchased because I figured that was most likely what Dare was actually WEARING.  I added straps of woven nylon to the boots, and VIOLA!  It still needs some work, but for what it is?  Kind of had a blast!  Actually, part of me would really like to cosplay Dare again, I got such an awesome response from it.

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