The Digimon Kaiser

Digimon Adventure 02

I love Ken Ichijouji a little too much.  I HATED the Digimon Kaiser, but I had an idea for a performance piece, and for it, I needed the Kaiser.  Eventually it snowballed into this desire to really bring the tacky hideousness of the late 90's and bring it to full and glorious reality.  I wanted to make the tackiest 2000's Boy Band Vibe monstrosity I could manage. Then, Arda was clearancing their Jareth's in Dark Blue, so...  


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Costume Construction

The wig is an Arda "Jareth" in Dark Blue, which I snagged some time back when it went on clearance.  I always knew that was the color and style I would need for this, and didn't want to pass it up.  I did a bit of custom trimming, back-combing, and hair-spraying to get the Kaiser's look. 

For the bodysuit, I started by making a spandex mock-up of the Green Pepper Racing Suit pattern (which I'd had in my collection for quite some time).  I then drew all over it, patterning out the color-blocking for his suit.  I used a combination of matte miliskin, mylar lame spandex, and a few fabrics from the Cosplay Fabrics collection at JoAnn.  The shoulder pieces, buckles, gauntlets and ankle cuffs were all made out of EVA foam, then covered in metallic spandex using contact cement.  The glasses were made using a cheap pair of sunglasses as a base, and build on them using EVA foam.  The lenses are a thin plastic sheeting I bought from TAP plastics, and colored using RIT Poly Dye. I made the gloves using the same Neopreme I used to cover the shoes (an old pair of work shoes that had seen better days)  The cape and shoulder pieces attach using magnets, as do the cuffs (which actually open to fall off) 

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