The Cat Returns



The Cat Returns is my friend Heather's FAVORITE Studio Ghibli film.  She's wanted to cosplay as the Baron for a LONG time, and after watching the movie, I told her I would cosplay Haru.  Originally, we had planned to cosplay the Ballroom attire, but later decided their usual clothes would be a better choice, especially since we didn't know how we would feel about wearing all that makeup...

In 2013, I gifted this costume to friend and fellow cosplayer Bizria, who made her own ears and tale, and woreit for a photoshoot.  The last photos in the gallery are of her.  I think she looks way cuter in it that I did. <3


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VARIATION: Cat-version
COMPLETED: Spring 2012
DEBUTED: FanimeCon 2012

WORN TO: FanimeCon 2012

COST: <$60



Costume Construction

Probably one of the easiest costumes I've ever made, though that vest gave me a bit of trouble.  Sadly, all of my colors are off just a bit, with everything being just a shade too dark, compared to the film.  However, the colors in the film changed from shot to shot.

The wig was straightened and styled out of Linda from  The ears were made from pink craft foam, backed in a faux fur, and then clipped into the wig.  The shirt is a white polo shirt I bought at the thrift store, and the red bowtie is made from red broadclothe, and safety pinned.  The vest and skirt are both made from a dark blue stretch poplin -- the vest took a lot of custom fitting, because I made the mistake of using a pattern I had ALREADY had difficulties with in the past.  >.>  The skirt is a simple modified A-line, using a pattern I had lying around.  The socks were purchased, and the loafers I had lying around.  The tail is made of the same faux fur as the ears, and stuffed with plastic grocery bags, to make it as light as possible.  It's attached to a waistband that I wear under the skirt, but over the shirt, to help keep the shirt in place.

The makeup was a pain.  The last time I did anything with tanner, it turned out a streaky mess, so this time, I went for a different method -- I covered myself head-to-toe in bronzer powder, which, while it gave me a more smooth appearance, also got all over EVERYTHING, AND succeeded in making my face look very SHINEY -- literally like bronze.  It was a mad dash to touch it up and make it look a little more... matte.  The whiskers are attached to my face with spirit gum, and stayed surprisingly well.   If I'd been smart, I would have used hair-spray as a makeup setter.  Guess I'll remember that if I ever decide to make her ballgown!

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