Axis Powers Hetalia



I feel the need to state, first and foremost, that I'm not a fan of Hetalia  -- I don't dislike it, I just watched the first series, I enjoyed myself, and that's about as far as it goes.  Now, with that in mind, the girls of NOTN concocted an idea for a Hetalia skit, so I pretty much made this for that.  I ended up being more of less 'cast' as Japan so that the three of us who lived closest would make up the Axis Powers.


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COMPLETED: Spring 2011
STATUS: Retired/Sold
DEBUTED: SakuraCon 2011

WORN TO: SakuraCon 2011

COST: <$100



Starting at the top, the wig is a "Fashion 101" from Amphigory, in color 1B, and trimmed up in the front by myself.  The jacket and pants are both made from a white bottom-weight that I bought at JoAnns, while all the gold and black accents are made from broadcloth.  The jacket is actually made from a women's jacket pattern with princess seam in the back. I chose this to make the costume more flattering on me.  I took in some of the back panels to make it less 'full' in back, and then eliminated the princess seams in the front, for the flat-chested look.  I hand-drafted the design pattern for the sleeves, and appliqued and satin-stitched it while the sleeve was still lying out flat.  I then assembled the sleeves before putting them in.  Admittedly, the satin-stitching on the sleeves is not something I'm proud of -- a word to the wise, it is incredibly tricky to smoothly machine satin-stitch around small circles.   The collar has a similar approach, being made with the gold broadcloth, with the black appliqued and satin-stitched on top before the collar was sewn together, and then sewn into the jacket. The shoulder flaps are made of the same black broadcloth as used on the collar, and the piping was covered in the same marigold fabric as used everywhere else on the costume  -- I chose Marigold over a metalic gold, to better match with the cartoony feel of everyone elses costumes, and be a more direct replication of the animation, rather than a realistic interpretation.  I sewed the flaps into the should seams, and then tacked it into place along the jacket itself.

The pants were the easier part, being made using the same ladies slacks pattern as I used on my Ciel costume, with an invisible zipper up the back. The shoes are a pair or black ankle boots I had lying around.

Overall, not my best work, but it served it's purpose, and I had a pretty fun time wearing it. 

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