Kagami Hiiragi


The girls of NOTN had been talking about cosplaying as the main cast of Lucky Star for quite a while -- mostly because our height ratios and personalities are remarkably good fits for each of the characters. I got pegged with Kagami because Rynn and I are the closest in height (so we were the twins) and really were the best suited for them, personality wise. 


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VARIATION: Winter School Uniform
COMPLETED: Spring 2010

STATUS: Retired / Sold
DEBUTED: FanimeCon 2010

WORN TO: FanimeCon 2010

COST: <$100



Costume Construction

These costumes were interesting in that no one person made EVERYTHING for their own costume. Rynn made all of our pleated skirts, except for attaching the waist-bands (which had to be done by each of us, based on length of skirt on our bodies), while Kayla and I collaboratively spent a long weekend hammering out all four shirts, collars, and cuffs. All of the fabric is standard quilters cotton from JoAnns. I dyed both my own wig+extensions, and Rynn's wig (So they would match), using the FW Acrylic ink spray method, because back in the day it wasn't easy to get multiple wigs of different style, in the same color. That probably took the longest of all the individual tasks I performed, and in the end, I'm still not really happy with the color.  I also must not have washed it out good enough, because the ponytails bled on my shirt. The base wig that I purchased was also way too thin on top, so parting the bangs in the middle wasn't going to happen. I had to trim the bangs a specific way to fake the parted look. 

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