Ken Ichijouji

Digimon Adventure 02

He may have the most boring costume design in all of Digimon's many series, but I knew I was in trouble the minute he opened his mouth and out came the voice of Romi Park.  There's never been a Romi Park character I didn't love, and Ken Ichijouji was no exception.  He goes from being this awful villain, to a soft, tormented-but-redeemed 'hero', and if that isn't written especially for all my weak points, I don't know what is.   I fell so hard in love with this kid that I knew I had to cosplay him, regardless of the dull ensemble that is his school uniform.


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VARIATION: School Uniform


COST: <$



Costume Construction

As always, starting at the top, the wig is an Arda "Inigo" in Dark Blu, with custom cutting/styling by me.  

The uniform is made entirely of a stretch suiting that was on sale.  It's not a perfect shade, but I wasn't about to dye stretch denim.  I hate making pants, and knew I needed them to be made of a stretch fabric if I didn't want to look stupid in this outfit.  All the exposed pieces of the white shirt, are fake -- they are facades sewn directly into the jacket, which closes with a hidden zipper off-set in the front (in order to create an overlap and avoid any exposed areas underneath.  The symbol on the neck of the jacket is appliqued/satin stitched, and the buttons were ones that I had leftover from a previously abandoned project.  

The shoes were an old pair of work shoes that I cleaned up and re-purposed (originally bought at Walmart).

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