King of Fighters

I put this costume together because I was going to be re-uniting with a bunch of my friends from WCS 2010, and we had all discussed a way for us to do a big group together.   We decided on a fighting game because then no one character was more important than the other, and there was no pressure if you couldn't complete your costume.  Ultimately we chose King of Fighters, and while King wasn't my first choice, I could re-use my Yui wig, and do almost NO work on it.


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COMPLETED: August 2012

STATUS: Retired
DEBUTED: Connichi 2012

WORN TO: Connichi 2012

COST: <$30



Costume Construction

"Construction" is a very strong word.  The wig was actually just my Yui wig, minus all the doo-dads.  The shirt was a white button up that I already owned, the gloves were costume motorcycle gloves purchased online.  The slacks were picked up from the thrift store, and hemmed to the right length.  The yellow cummerbund and black bow tie were borrowed from my friend Lizzie.  Viola; King costume done, fun times had with international friends, mission accomplished. :)

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