Card Captor Sakura

Syaoran Li


CardCaptor Sakura was one of the first anime I got to see both the American Adaption and the original subtitled version at the same time (thanks to the fansubs owned by a highschool friend of mine) and to this day, it is my favorite work by CLAMP.  My very first cosplay was Nakuru in 2003!  Over the years my interest in the series has come and gone, but I always seem to pick it up every few years for a re-watch.  As I've gotten older, I have found myself more and more endeared to Syaoran, and he's become my favorite character.   It's stated in the series that the garb he wears to go hunting the cards is a Ceremonial Robe, and ever since I heard that during a re-watch a few years back, I have wanted to make his costume in a way that truly lives up to that statement. 


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VARIATION: Ceremonial Robes
COMPLETED:  April 2017


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Costume Construction
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The wig started out as an Arda "Magnum" in Chocolate Brown. I straightened the back, cut it shorter, then trimmed and back-combed the bangs until I got a look that I liked.

The white underclothes were made from 100% cotton.  I did this so that they would be as breathable as possible, considering all my other layers were synthetics.  I used a jacket pattern for the shirt, which meant I had to insert under-arm gussets so that I had decent mobility.  

The tunic was made using a simple 'Angel' costume pattern that I modified HEAVILY.  The green fabric is a faux silk shantung that I ordered from a Thai website.  The yellow brocade is a rayon blend that I purchased on ebay, and the orange brocade started out as a creamy-ivory color, and I dyed it myself.  All of the design work was done with a combination of hand drafting and printing templates online (in the case of the yin yang, and other perfectly circular pieces).   There is probably more applique and satin stitching in this costume than anything else I've ever made.  The tunic is also fully lined in a complimentary green cotton.  The sash was made with a strength layer of duck cloth and zip-ties for boning, then covered with a strip of fabric that I cut on the bias, so that it would lie smooth.  It closes in the back with hook-and-eye tape.

The hat was a serious amount of work.  The entire thing was meticulously drafted by hand, with a lot of experimenting and adjusting.   I did the first drafts out of posterboard, then cut the final product out of several layers of peltex interfacing.  The base hat is covered in the same green and as the tunic, and the decorative brim is covered in the same yellow brocade with matching orange applique trimwork.  The gems on the sides are resin cast, painted with metallic black spray paint, and several coats of clear gloss.  The rings around the jems were made from a very thin foam, covered in the same brocade, cut on the bias.  The whole thing is held together with a combination of machine stitching, and 3-in-1 craft glue.   

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