Light Yagami

Death Note

I had only one motive for cosplaying Light; Rynn and I had come up with a Death Note skit, we needed a Light, and Rynn thought that between the two of us, I would do a better job with playing him. Of course, once I got into it, I had WAY too much fun.


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VARIATION: Stripe Shirt + Tie
COMPLETED: Spring 2008

STATUS: Retired
DEBUTED: Anime Central 2008

WORN TO: Seattle Cosplay Gathering Spring 2008, Anime Central 2008

COST: <$60



Costume Construction

I did almost no work on this costume. The wig was a salvage job- I had bought and cut the wig for my Haku costume, but it kept curling under and just wouldn't work for Haku's severe cut. I was able to trim it up, pull more hair forward for the bangs, and BINGO!

The shirt, pants, and belt were all purchased at Value Village. The tie was one of my freind's old choir ties, and the shoes were just a pair of black slip ons that I already owned. I think the 'hardest' thing was the watch, which was a broken plastic watch that I got for 99 cents at the thrift store.  I took it apart, painted the face and the setting/frame, and then put it all back together so it sort of LOOKED like Light's watch.  

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