Elizabeth Midford

Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler

Kuroshitsuji is my biggest Guilty Pleasure series.  I have loved it for years, and tried to cosplay many of the characters with no real luck yet on finding one I really felt good as.  Lizzie has long been one of my favorite characters in the series, and when I saw this illustration I thought it would be a fun project to see if I could crank it out in a week.  It has no finished edges, fun distressing, and I have a bunch of cheap white satin and organza that is good for little else without fear of it easily taking damage, so.... why not?


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Costume Construction

I purchased the wig (a base w/ two matching ponytail clips) on Amazon, and then did some custom styling work to bring it back to life.  It's not a great wig, but the price point was right for what I was doing.  The dress is all cheap white satin that I'd bought on BBCrafts.com, and the organza was a cheap material I bought on a 40-yard bolt to split with a friend a few years back.  The tights/fishnets were purchased on Amazon as well, along with the gloves.   the roses were all made by me using the same white satin as the dress.  I really like making flowers but rarely have a good excuse to do so.  :)  the bodice and skirt are separate pieces, and while I usually fully structure my bodices, I elected to go quick and dirty on this one, and simply wear it over a corset that I made last year.    The Rosette ribbons where made by hand using more of the same white satin, organza, and some silver costume satin I had leftover from an abandoned project.

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