Madam Red

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

A couple of months before KumoriCon 2014, NOTN finally decided on the concept for the Cosplay Contest half-time show -- Kuroshitsuji meets The Labyrinth.  For this skit, I borrowed my friend's Grell costume for an early part, and would need to change into Madam Red for later in the skit.  I pulled together this costume for that purpose, and was not terribly concerned about the coat for Spoiler Reasons.  Later, I went back to finish it up properly.


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COMPLETED: August 2014

STATUS: Retired/Sold
DEBUTED: KumoriCon 2014

WORN TO: KumoriCon 2014, NewConPDX 2016, SakuraCon 2016

COST: <$75



Costume Construction

Due to time constraints, I initially went with the variation of Madam Red minus her iconic jacket and hat -- the white button-up is a shirt I've had for a long time.  The vest and skirt were both custom-made by altering a couple of different patterns; I turned a single-breasted vest into a double-breasted, and the skirt was originally a mermaid-tail skirt that I modified to included 2 additional tiers.  Both the skirt and vest were made using the dull side of red casa satin, since it was the cheapest option besides cotton.   The wig was custom made by sewing a couple of wigs together, then styled.  The neck tie is a trapezoid-shaped piece of white casa satin, serged, and gently pleated to give it a shape like the one in the anime.  The black half-palm gloves, were purchased on eBay.


I made the coat much later, using a red quilters cotton I bought with the initial batch of fabric.  The whole thing was modified off a pattern I found with the correct style of lapels.  Everything was trimmed in black bias tape, and the bow and pocket flaps were made from black cotton I had lying around.  The coat isn't the highest quality material, but I'm at least proud of the construction. 

The shoes were a pair of black 'granny' boots I had originally used in my Ciel costume in 2011.  I was able to paint them with red leather paint, and replace the laces with red twill tape.  Even though you can barely see them, I'm pretty satisfied.  

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