Mami Futami


There had been a group started for KatsuCon 2013, attempting to put together a full iDOLM@STER cosplay set.  Rynn and I were initially involved, but decided we would rather do the ridiculous fruit outfits featured in an episode of the anime.  Next thing I knew, we were collecting a nearly full group, and I snagged Mami primarily because, it was easy, and was probably the only one that would look flattering on me.


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VARIATION: Banana Dress
COMPLETED: January 2013

STATUS: Retired
DEBUTED: KatsuCon 2013

WORN TO: KatsuCon 2013

COST: <$75



Costume Construction

The wig was an ebay wig with a clip-in wig, but I did some custom styling to get it to look as close to hers as I could.  In general though, I short-changed a lot of things on this costume, because I really didn't care, and neither did anyone else in the group.  Our mantra was basically "screw it, it's cuter this way".  The beads were wooden beads that I painted, strung on wire, and then tucked around the base of the clip-in ponytail.  I realized afterward, I parted by bangs on the wrong side.  OH WELL. 

I used a princess-seamed strapless dress pattern as the base, and then added a fake halter-neck-strap.  The dress itself is fully lined, purely because that was the only way to get the banana-peel shapes.  It's made using the dull/wrong side of sunshine yellow costume satin from JoAnn, with floral wire top-stitched into the peels so that they can be curved up.  the wrist scarf is the same costume satin.  I used this costume as an excuse to get to know the functions of my serger, since I knew none of it would show, and it turned out to be a life-saver since this stuff frays like crazy.    The Banana on the chest was made by cutting a fake banana (from the craft store) in half, painting it a yellow that better matched the dress, and then gluing a pin backing to it.   The shorts were drafted by myself using some leftover black suiting I had, with fusible interfacing to make them poofy.   The waistband and legs are elastic bands.  The white tights I had leftover from Prince Mytho, and the shoes were purchased for 5 dollars at the thrift store and painted with acrylic paint. 

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