Maya Fey

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

One of my then-friends was cosplaying as Mia Fey, and we'd never had many chances to cosplay together, so I was looking for ideas. Maya Fey looked easy enough!


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COMPLETED: September 2008

STATUS: Retired
DEBUTED: SakuraCon 2009

WORN TO: SakuraCon 2009

COST: <$150



The fabric was an assortment of sportswear cottons. The base robe, and the over-robe were both made using the same pattern, but the top was heavily modified, and the base I removed the sleeves. The obi was interesting -- it started as a flat rectangle, and it secured in back with velcro. The criss-crossing effect is achieved by several pieces laid down and secured on top of this rectangular base. The Bow was made using a tutorial I found online and then hand-stitched to the proper place on the obi. The shoes were made from a pair of black flip-flips that I covered with fabric that matched the obi. Wrist wraps were made from a very thin bias tape, wrapping, and then super gluing small snaps to the appropriate places. 

The necklace was an interesting effort. The Magatama is made from sculpy, which I hollowed out the back of, before baking it. It's painted in a custom mix of orange and metallic gold. The large sphere beads both in the necklace and the wig are made from styrofoam balls coated in MANY layers of acrylic varnish, sanded, and then painted. A VERY LONG AND TEDIOUS PROCESS. The whole thing is strung on fish line from the dollar store, with a safety pin secured to each end. Why? Well, in order to get the right lay of the necklace, I safety-pin each end of the fish line to the shoulders of my robe, rather than securing them to each other around my neck.

The wig, was a nightmare. I started out at a New Look "Tina" in 1B. The fiber was not as nice as I had previously worked with, and so the whole thing was sort of bleh. The bun was hard to get to stay right, and involved many hours of spraying with freeze-spray, wetting it, re-shaping it, and letting it dry. Everything else compared to that, was cake. 

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