Mayuri Shiina


COMPLETED: December 2013
DEBUTED: IkkiCon 2013

WORN TO: IkkiCon 2013, KatsuCon 2014, Anime Central 2014, KumoriCon 2014

COST: <$100



During a Black Friday sale in 2012, I had picked up a large chunk of light blue cotton, with the intent of cosplaying as Husky from +Anima.  I later decided that the material really wasn't ideal for that project.  After watching Steins;Gate, I really fell in the love with the series, and although Ruka was my first choice, I eventually decided to cosplay Mayuri, to make use of the fabric I had already bought.


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Costume Construction

Starting at the top, the hat is probably my favorite piece, and the one that took the most work.  I made it completely from scratch out of craft foam, 3-in-1 Beacon glue, and interfacing.  I covered the base a circle of the blue cotton, and then made the hat-brim separately (using 2 circles, to get that wavy brim).  The white hat band hides most of the imperfections, and the spot where the brim joins the main hat.  The wig was originally a "Mikasa" wig I had ordered on ebay, but when it arrived it was too thick for my tastes, and short hairs in the bangs made it impossible for me to part it the way I wanted for Mikasa.  I ended up pulling it out, throwing some curlers in it, and styling it quite easily into Mayuri's semi-flip cut.  The shirt was cobbled together out of a favorite princess-seam bodice top, and a 3/4 circle skirt.  I lowered the waist line a little bit, to be more flattering.  The neck and sleeves are all trimmed out in black cotton, the same stuff I used to make the waistband.  The pink ruffle is simply gathered, and hand-sewn into the top.  The shorts were altered from a pair of stretchy yoga pants I found at the thrift store, and the boots were also a lucky thrift-store find. :)  I ended up enjoying wearing this costume a lot more than I expected, and although it's not perfect, it's really cute, and a lot of fun to wear. 

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