Digimon Adventure tri. : Reunion

Mimi Tachikawa


VARIATION: Street Clothes
COMPLETED: March 2018

DEBUTED: SakuraCon 2018

WORN TO: SakuraCon 2018

COST: ~$75



Before I realized what a Dumpster Fire Digimon tri. would turn out to be, I was excited to cosplay from it since the kids were now closer to an age I could reasonably portray.  I went from wanting to make the school uniforms from scratch, to wanting to just buy the uniform, to deciding that the uniform was a waste of money, and at least the casual outfits I would wear all or some of the pieces again, or find other uses for them later.  That's how I settled on Mimi's casual ensemble from the first movie in the series.

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Costume Construction

The wig is a moderately-styled "Grace" from Arda Wigs, in Rose Brown.  I'd wanted an excuse to get a Rose Brown wig for a long time, so this was great.  Rather than pull it up into a TRUE ponytail, I tied it in a low pony, twisted it up, and secured it to the wig base with a claw clip, letting the rest of the hair fall over top.  It was perfect for Mimi's short ponytail, without permanently shortening the wig.  I also elected to cut the longer pieces as they're seen in every other outfit she wears in tri, rather than the mysterious bangs she has for this ONE outfit.  This way, if I decide to do another of her outfits, I can use the same wig.  

90% of this costume is straight purchased off of Amazon prime the week before the con.  I bought a white men's sweatshirt which I drew and painted all the hearts and the high-heel onto.  I also quickly made a star pendant for the necklace out of craft foam, because my neck is very sensitive and anything that isn't feather-light on my neck will give me a headache.  Everything else was purchased as-is.  

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