Pokemon : Heart Gold / Soul Silver



My room-mate loves/loved pokemon, and had been wanting to cosplay as Erika.  I decided that since I had a wig I could cut up, I would make Misty to go with her.  I actually really liked this re-design of her, even though it's kind of an obscure variant.  Hopefully I can get real photos in the future.


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VARIATION: Heart Gold/Soul Silver
COMPLETED: August 2015
DEBUTED: KumoriCon2015

WORN TO: KumoriCon 2015

COST: <$75



The wig is an old one I had leftover from my Manga Utena costume -- originally a New Look "Linda" in Gold Coin, I cut it short, and style the crazy bangs.  The swimsuit is a white leotard purchased from DiscountDance.com; I cut slits to sew in the strips of blue spandex over the hips, as well as binding over the existing neckline with more of the same blue spandex.  The jacket was made by flat-lining a thin white nylon (out-door type fabric, not really meant for clothing) with a aqua colored sports knit fabric, to create that very subtely tinted color, while also getting the colored lining I wanted.  The cuffs and collar are made of the same knit, with custom covered buttons to match on the collar.  The shoes are a pair of cheap white flip-flops I got from JoAnn, with a wide strip of fabric over top to make them more closely resemble Misty's slider sandles.

Costume Construction
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Photos Coming Soon

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