I once made a version of this when I was 14, but out of pure embarrassment, I've taken down the photos. Ten Years Later, Kayla decided she wanted to be Ash, and I was drafted to be her Misty. The group grew, and grew, until a costume that started out as something to be used just for a quick photo-shoot, turned into a costume for our SakuraCon 2010 skit. TL;DR -- It's Kayla's Fault.


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VARIATION: First Season
COMPLETED: Spring 2010

STATUS: Retired
DEBUTED: SakuraCon 2010

WORN TO: SakuraCon 2010. FanimeCon 2010

COST: <$30



Costume Construction

This costume was actually more involved than my first attempt. 75% of the base materials came from the thrift store; the top, suspenders, shorts, and the base for the shoes. The wig started out life as my friend Heather's old Orihime wig, which she sold to me because the poor thing was kinda fried on the bottoms. Luckily, it's exactly what I needed, so I chopped, back-combed, and hair-sprayed like crazy. Sadly, no amount of freeze spray would make the ponytail stay up, but it worked out alright. The shirt was a yellow tank top that I cut off, and hemmed up using a zig-zag stitch. The shorts were run through some teal dye, to get the color closer to the color in the animation. The shoes were the most detailed part of the whole costume: they started out as a pair of cheap 5-dollar ugg-style boots. I cut them down to the proper height, and proceeded to hot glue pieces of red and white vinyl over it, to re-create the cartoon-y shoes as they're depicted in the show. The lightning bolts are painted on with acrylic paint. 

I can't take any credit for the Togepi (arguably my favorite part of this costume) -- it was a gift from Kayla and Mandy.  He has since moved on to a new home.

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