My Groups

Over the years, I've been lucky enough to work with so many amazing people. Below is a little bit about the groups I've collaborated with.


2008 - Present


The retro-actively named duo of myself and my cosplay partner, Rynn.  We paired off from our main cosplay group in 2008 for a skit at Anime Central, and then again in 2010 for the World Cosplay Summit, and we regretted a lack of formal Team Name for years afterwards.  In 2015, after jokingly throwing the name around for several years,  we finally decided to go with "Sparkle Motion". The name seemed perfect for us, as a reference to a cult classic that only some people of our age-group will understand, while also sounding like a cute pop-idol group.

As a pair we are three-time Team USA representatives: 
World Cosplay Summit 2010
CICAF/CCSS 2017, and Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup 2019.  We placed 2nd overall at both CICAF and Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup.


2007 - 2015


More commonly known as NOTN, the group was founded in 2004 by BATCosplay, and performed (in various  combinations, not always under the name NOTN) upwards of 20 skits of various genres, lengths, and levels of ambition.  Having earned multiple Best in Show and category awards from conventions around the country, as well as being featured on G4 TV's Attack of the Show for their skit based on Valve's popular "Portal" game, It's safe to say that NOTN is one of the most accomplished competitive cosplay groups to come out of the cosplay community.  With it's varied casts of cosplayers from around the country,  they've had to think outside the box and get creative to coordinate and adapt to the needs of each unique performance.

For three years they served as Special Guests and Hosts at KumoriCon in Vancouver, WA, providing Emcee work, half-time entertainment for the Cosplay Contest, and multiple panels ranging from Cosplay How-To's, to Gaming and Video viewings.