Princess Tutu



I find it hard to say No to any Princess Tutu cosplay.  Kayla was making Ahiru/Rue's school uniform, and since I already had the wig, we figured this would be easy enough to pull together.  In the end, we ended up using these for a little performance at KumoriCon 2011.


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VARIATION: School Uniform
COMPLETED: August 2011

DEBUTED: KumoriCon 2011

WORN TO: KumoriCon 2011, FanimeCon 2012

COST: <$60



Costume Construction

The wig is the same one used in my WCS costume.  The shirt is one I already owned, with fake cuffs that I made out of quilters cotton.  They're worn tucked under the existing shirt sleeves, with the sleeve's button-cuffs holding it in place.  The broach is resin cast and Kayla made them for both of us so they would match.  The neck tie/ascot is made from a remnant of bridal satin, gathered and hand stitched to a strap that loops under my collar and snaps in the back, for ease of wear.  The jacket is made from Light Royal Blue quilters cotton from JoAnns.  I used a modified women's jacket patter, so the back is fitted in with princess seams, and the jacket flares a bit like it does in the series.  The trim is white bias tape.  The front closes up with hook-and-eyes, so that it meets smoothly together in the center.  I decided to do this rather than an invisible zipper, because I want it to be able to open at the bottom, and also, I didn't want the tab from the zipper.  I had enough fabric leftover from to make the pants, but in the end, I wound up wearing a pair of purchased pants that fit even BETTER.  The shoes are a pair of black suede shoes I found at Good Will, and they were an ideal shape, so I snagged them.  I then painted them with white fabric paint.  They do require occasional touch-ups because of this, but I was in a rush to finish, and feeling cheap.

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