Nakuru Akizuki

CardCaptor Sakura

I was getting ready for my first anime convention, and I wanted to cosplay.  At the time, I was 16, and thought I could only really cosplay characters who were my age (oh, how that has changed in the last 15 years).  I loved CardCaptor Sakura, and since no one ever seemed to cosplay Nakuru, I decided to cosplay her.  It seemed like a good choice, since she is the only character in the series who wears the girls version of the Seijou Highschool uniform, so I wouldn't be mistaken for anyone else.


The pictures below are from 2007, when I dragged this out of retirement for an easy Sunday costume.  I had used my own hair for Nakuru years before, so I did the same again, only this time my hair was too short... I styled it with the idea that I could be Sakura in her Highschool Days.  >.> 


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VARIATION: School Uniform

STATUS:  Retired
DEBUTED: SakuraCon 2003

WORN TO: SakuraCon 2003, KumoriCon 2007

COST: <$80



The blazer, inaccurate as it is, was purchased at JCPenny's.  The skirt and tie were made for me by my Nana, using navy blue gaberdine.  The shirt and socks were also purchased at JCPenny, and the loafers (which went on to be of great use to me in all my cosplay years) were puchased at Payless Shoes.  I had planned to make the school crest out of felt, but in the end didn't want to sew or glue it on because I wanted to be able to wear it when not in cosplay.  Not really any construction in this costume... but First Costumes are kind of like that.

Costume Construction

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