Skits and More

I've been pretty active on stage at cons across the country, but unfortunately there isn't always video.  Below are just some of my favorite performances from over the years, and the ones I am the most proud of.  Videos are listed in reverse chronological order, with newest videos first.

CICAF 2017

Moon Girl and Forrest Girl

Team USA 2017 - Second Place Overall


Performed by:  Sparkle Motion
Character Portrayed:  Forrest Girl


The Story of the Moon Girl and Forrest Girl, from "Yuri Kuma Arashi" -- originally performed for Holiday Matsuri 2016, and revised for CICAF 2017 finals.

FanimeCon 2013
Absolute Fairytale Subversion

Best in Show


Performed by:  Lace Graffiti
Character Portrayed:  Dios


A re-creation of the well-known 'fairytale prologue' fetured throughout the entirety of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

FanimeCon 2012
All Eyes On Me

Best Advanced Craftsmanship: for Doll (Rynn)
Design Award: BATCosplay for her work making 1/2 of all the costumes in the group.


Performed by: Ninja of the Night
Character Portrayed:  Beast

A Musical-Theater-Style approach to telling the beginning of the Circus Arc from Black Butler

FanimeCon 2011
Insert Subject Name Here

Best Dramatic Skit


Performed by: Ninja of the Night
Character Portrayed:  None (Ninja)

An artistic interpretation of the wildly popular video game: "Portal". Featured on G4's "Attack of the Show"

AkiCon 2010
Sounds of Silent Hill

1st Place - Skit


Performed by: Ninja of the Night
Character Portrayed: Nurse


Silent Hill monsters dance to a 'unique' piece of music -- made entirely out of sound effects from the game series.

World Cosplay Summit 2010
Princess Tutu



Performed by: Sparkle Motion
Character Portrayed:  Mytho (Voice of Rue)


** SPOILERS! ** Rue and Mytho's relationship from the late part of Princess Tutu, as told in the style of a psuedo-Beauty-and-the-Beast story. The last three episodes of the series were a huge inspiration for this performance.

World Cosplay Summit 2010 - Preliminary
Fushigi Yuugi

1st Place - Team USA 2010


Performed by: Sparkle Motion 
Character Portrayed: Yui Hongo


The relationship between Miaka and Yui, as told with no words, interpretive dancing, flags, and a 3-minute time limit.

SakuraCon 2010
How 2BA Pokemon Master

Best in Show


Performed by: Ninja of the Night
Character Portrayed:  Misty

Ash and Co. walk you through all the essential steps to becoming a Pokemon Master, in the style of a 1960's educational film. Sarcasm and Snark Abounds! 

SakuraCon 2009
Sora the Explorer

Best in Show


Performed by: Ninja of the Night
Character Portrayed: Kairi

A crazy crossover parody of the children's TV show "Dora the Explorer" -- Sora has to find his kidnapped friend Kairi, and he needs YOUR HELP!

AnimeCentral 2008
The Game of Life

Best Skit / Best in Show


Performed by:  Jellybean Steamtanks (Sparkle Motion)
Character Portrayed: Light Yagami


Light Yagami finds himself in a dark room, chained to a chair, and presented with the choice of doing as he's told by an ominous voice, or losing his freedom (and possibly his life!).