Final Fantasy IX

Garnet "Dagger" til Alexandros XVII




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This dress has been my Dream Costume since sometime in 2006 - Final Fantasy IX is my favorite game of all time, and even though I don't know that Garnet is my Favorite Character in the game (that honor probably goes to Zidane), Garnet is the character I have always related to the most.  This dress is so very special to me, and I put it off for so many years because of how terrified I was of falling short of my own expectations, or not being able to execute it the way I'd like to see it done.  When Pannon and I decided to compete together at KumoriCon 2019, our common love for FFIX lead us to pick these costumes.


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Costume Construction

The wig is a mix of 3 different Arda wigs -- a Venus, Ferarri, and Blue Steele, all in Natural Black (now called Cool Dark Brown).  I sewed the Ferarri into the Venus for some extra lift without too much weight, as well as to get the longer side pieces without having to take away from the bulk of the longest hairs. The front scalp of the Venus was replaced with that of the Blue Steele, and then styled to most closely resemble her hair. 


I crafted the falcons claw pendant using polymer clay, craft foam, worbla, rhinestones, and a lot of blood sweat and tears.  The pendant itself was sculpted out of polymer clay, then molded and cast in resin.  the crystal is strung through the setting with strong wire, so that the strain of the weight is not on the crown.  Even so, this thing is HEAVY and I don't do well with neckalces, so I have to hold the pendant when I'm not taking photos. 


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