Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon

Rei Hino

I have always loved shinto shrine maiden's outfits, ever since I first saw Sailor Moon when I was 7.  Earlier in 2013, I decided to finally make a pair of red Hakama.  I had accidentally ended up with a couple of very long wigs that looked a very deep purple in certain lights, so I decided, why NOT be the one who started my fascination with the outfit to begin with!


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Costume Construction

VARIATION: Shrine Maiden
COMPLETED: Spring 2013

STATUS: Hakama Retired/Sold
DEBUTED: NanDesKan 2013

WORN TO: NanDesKan 2013

COST: <$100



Pretty straight forward -- I already had the white top from when I made Torahime, and I used the same Hakama-making method that I used on Torahime.  I used a Linen-Rayon blend, which I backed entirely in fusible interfacing to give it that extra stiffness.  I sewed together two wigs, which made it ultra soft/thick, but also ultra heavy.  I'll need to sew combs into it for more stability.  I bought the tabi socks and geta sandals online, and later made a second robe out of muslin, to wear under the shantung over-layer.

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