Love Live: School Idol Festival

Rin Hoshizora

The wig is a Arda Derek in Pumpkin, with minimal trimming on the bangs - it was basically perfect right out of the bag.  I was really lucky, and by the time I joined the group, all the fabrics, trims, etc, had all been picked out, I just had to order them.  The headset was purchased and modified heavily, including adding horns that were made out of tin foil and sculpy and mounted on wire, and a inverted-colored jack-o-lantern over the ear-piece made from a plastic christmas ornament covered in black felt, with orange craft foam facial features.    The collar pattern was drafted by Eli Ebberts, and I modified it to fit my (wider) neck.  It's made of Orange and Purple satin that we ordered from SY Fabrics and, with the gold trim being a home-made bias tape using JoAnn gold crepe-back satin.  The cape is made out of the same fabrics as the collar, and all of the resin stars were cast by Envel for the whole group (I pitched in by dremmeling the backs and edges smooth).  All of the cream parts are "snow" colored quilters cotton, and the pinstripe fabric was ordered online and all of the gold stripes painted by hand.  The chest bow is made from a brown quilters cotton, with thin ribbon meticulously stitched down for the stripes.  The belt was made at the last minute by my roomie, who covered foamies in suedeclothe she had lying around.  The boots were purchased online, we painted the heels/soles, glued on the trim, and the cuffs are separate pieces that tuck inside the boot.   


A local group of girls, including my room-mate, had planned to do a full set of Love Live costumes for a themed photoshoot before Halloween.  Unfortunately, things didn't quite pan out, but Envel and I managed to finish ours for Halloween proper and do a mini photoshoot.  In the end, I'm not very happy with how I look in the costume, but would like to fix it up for one more shoot.


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VARIATION: Halloween
COMPLETED: October 2015

WORN TO: Private Photoshoot

COST: <$150



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