Rukia Kuchiki


I made this costume because I wanted another new costume; one that was easy, and I already knew of a perfect wig. Plus, Rynn already had Orihime, so it seemed like a perfect choice (even though I've only seen a handful of episodes of Bleach).


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VARIATION: Summer School Uniform
COMPLETED: Spring 2008

STATUS: Retired
DEBUTED: Anime Central 2008

WORN TO: Anime Central 2008

COST: <$100

Rynn actually did most of the hard work on these. I modified the shirt from a long-sleeved button-up I bought at the thrift store, and also made the bows for both of us. Rynn finished off the gold broaches for them, and also made both of our skirts from a purpleish-grey broadcloth. I already owned the perfect brown loafers from my Nakuru costume years ago, and it wasn't hard to pick up a pair of black nylon-like knee-high socks. I kinda wish I'd had her glove, though. 

Costume Construction

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