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Sailor Saturn

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

I've wanted to cosplay as a Sailor Senshi since I was a kid, and though I've done a couple Sailor Moon related costumes, I've still not done any of them in their proper sailor form.  Uranus is definitely my favorite of the girls, but I put off doing her for years because I absolutely HATE her color scheme.  Ultimately, I decided on Saturn for two reasons.  The first is that, purple is my favorite color, and the second is that for a brief time JoAnn fabric had a PERFECT shade of purple satin,  and I was able to pick it up on clearance for $3 a yard.   I also decided on her first incarnation because she appears a bit older, and her unique design means I don't have to match anyone.


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VARIATION: Original / Crystal


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Costume Construction

The wig is from two off-brand black bobs that I bought from a friend, and sewed together to make a thicker wig.  Then I did some custom cutting. 

For the fuku, I used the Yaya Han / McCalls skirted-leotard pattern as a base, bow patterns from Cosmic Coterie but modified using Sparkle Pipsi's bow tutorial, and modifying various glove-roll tutorials.  The collar was made from a home-drafted pattern I had laying around, and the sleeves were drafted by me using a heavy-weight interfacing.  The broad was a plastic Star ornament I bought and meticulously dissolved glue and scraped glitter off of.  I made the tiara out of 6mm EVA foam and a lightly-sanded rhinestone.    The boots were a pair I got at the thrift store, which I made matching covers for using the same satin from the rest of my fuku.  The gloves were purchased from Zaza Bridal on Amazon.    I built the glaive a print-out I scaled myself, EVA foam, air-dry clays and resin, and PVC pipe.  

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