At the time, I was a big Inuyasha fan, and I made attempts to get my friend, her boyfriend, and a third mutual friend on board, to make up a group of the four main characters. I picked Sango mostly because I knew that her yukata was within my sewing capabilities. In the end, the group fell apart, and I was a lone Sango wandering the convention hallways.


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STATUS:  Retired
DEBUTED: SakuraCon 2003

WORN TO: SakuraCon 2003

COST: <$150
CONSTRUCTION TIME: I don't remember.

The yukata was made from a white Cotton Sateen (a bad choice in hindsight - it wasn't stiff and stable enough for a yukata, and was more expensive than quilters cotton would have been). I went more with the Manga's coloration which was white and magenta, rather than light pink and fuschia.  The magenta parts were painted by hand, and boy was that a LOT of paint.  I think I used about 3-4 bottles.  I used masking tape to mark off the pink areas, and help to get a nice, crisp line at the edge.  The apron was made from broadclothe, as was the scarf, which I didn't end up wearing. The handless-gloves and leggings were purchased, and the shoes were a pair of flip-flops that I painted. Hiraikotsu was my first attempt at constructing a prop, and I failed miserably -- I used upholstery cushion foam, wrapped in layers of masking tape. It was heavy, and the stress from being strapped to my back by either end, eventually broke it. I used my own hair for this costume -- a first and LAST time, once I learned that real hair doesn't act like anime hair, and that wigs are easier since they don't require any up-keep.

Costume Construction

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