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☆ FanimeCon 2012 ☆

June 2, 2012

This year, preparing for Fanime consumed about two months of my life, in it' entirety. Whenever I wasn't at work, or sleeping (and sometimes this last one was sacrificed), I was working on costume pieces, or set pieces. After last year's masquerade experience, we knew we wanted to perform at Fanime again, and we spent a lot of time cycling through ideas.  Finally, after being forced to switch ideas many times, we decided on one at the end of February, and got to work.


Fanime was my fourth convention this year (that is, if you count the one day I spent at SakuraCon, though really, I don't...), and honestly, the most disappointing.  It wasn't ALL bad but... we'll get to all of that.




On Wednesday night, I stayed up absurdly late.  It wasn't my intention, but there was so much I wanted finished, and I was determined to get it all done.  On top of that, was the fact that I needed to be packed before morning - I had work on Thursday, and wouldn't have time to pack between getting off from work and catching the train to the airport. So, around 5:30 AM, I called it a 'night', took a nap until 7:20, then hauled my butt to work, with my suitcase in the trunk.


That afternoon, I received a distressed text message from my friend Heather; she had somehow left her hat for her skit costume at home.  I immediately went into Con Mom mode, told her not to worry, we'd make it work... and as soon as I got off from work, I dashed out to JoAnn to buy supplies to put together a new hat in the hotel room.  I had just enough time to snag a craftfoam kids pirate hat, some heavy interfacing, brick-red crushed panne, and some wire.  I threw these in my suitcase, and hauled ass to my friend's house, where I parked my car and walked to the nearest MAX station.  This experience was not-so-fun, as I got SO turned around trying to find the station, that it took me a good 25 minutes to get there and I was SURE I was going to miss my flight thanks to missed trains.  Still, I hopped on the next train, and rode all the way out to the airport.   I managed to get there 20 minutes later than I had hoped, and was really scared by the long-ass line I had to wait in for security.  I don't think I've waited in a security line that long in YEARS.   The universe must have been smiling on me though, because I managed to get through and out to my gate just as my boarding group was lining up.   I boarded the plane, found myself a window seat, and slept for the hour-and-some-change of the flight to San Jose.

My flight landed around 10:45, about 10 minutes early, and I called Chris about getting picked up from the airport. and then, my phone went dead.  I had a hell of a time getting a charge back in it, but finally was able to connect with Chris and catch a ride to the hotel.

We had kind of an unfortunate rooming scenario this year.  Normally for Fanime, we reserve a suite, and try to get the additional room next to it as well, in order to accommodate our large group of out-of-towners.  This year, we somehow missed out on the suites, and furthermore, struggled to even get a SECOND room, PERIOD.  In the end, we had 2 rooms at the Marriot - one on the 7th floor, and one on the 17th floor.  One room was a single King-Sized bed, and the other was 2 queens.  In the King-sized room was Chris, Stephany, Shawna, and John.  The remaining seven of us - Myself, Rynn, Kayla, Mandy, Heather, Amelia, and her friend Alycia -  all cosplayers, crammed into the double queen.  The arrangements were uncomfortably tight; I'm now 100% convinced that the maximum people you can comfortably fit into a double-queen room for a con, is 5, especially if every single one of them is a cosplayer with multiple costumes in tow.


I made a point to keep almost all of my things isolated in my large suitcase (which I set near the door because that was the only space there really was for it) and my makeup bag, which I set on the back of the toilet, to help keep the sink-space clear.  We spent a couple of hours on Thursday night listening to our skit audio, and trying to get most of us on the same page.  I made it clear to my friends that I would be sleeping in the next day, and I gladly went to bed that night (around 2:30AM) fully intending to follow through on that.



I woke up twice on Friday; once around 9AM to the sound of all my room-mates chattering and moving about.  With a littl