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☆ Connichi 2012 ☆

October 6, 2012


Connichi is a bit hard to write about, because really, it happened in the middle of something much larger.  I think the most challenging bit is going to be neatly slicing it out of the middle of the pie, because I don't think you all want to hear about my long (although incredible) journey to Germany.  Even so, before I can talk about Connichi, I need to give you a little back-story.  Going to another country for a convention was something I had never dreamed I would EVER do.  I thought that going to Japan for for the World Cosplay Summit in 2010 was a once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-be-relived experience.  Then, one day, sometime around June of 2011, I was talking to some of my international friends, doing something on Facebook, I don't remember exactly, but I got a bug in my ear -- I realized that I knew enough people in Germany (and not just one or two) and enough people from surrounding countries who had been to Germany BEFORE -- to completely justify going to a convention there.  That's what started it.  I knew it was something I wanted to do, something I HAD to do.  The idea of getting to see some of my friends again, and meet some of them for the first time, was just so exciting, I couldn't ignore it. And without my friends, their aid, their generosity, their hospitality, there's no way I could have managed it, or afforded it.  


But now I'm getting ahead of myself.  So maybe I should just tell you how things went down.  My apologies ahead of time -- this is probably going to get a bit long!




We got an early start to the convention weekend; Rynn and I had arrived in Frankfurt on Wednesday afternoon, and spent the night at Pat and Iris' flat. The two of them had to be at the convention a day early, so that they could set up the WCS booth in time for the opening on Friday. So, Thursday morning, we all woke up (a bit later than we had hoped), packed up the car, and headed to Kassel. It's a good thing Rynn and I are as close as we are, because the car was so full, between booth stuff, cosplay stuff, and Patrick's computer stuff, that we spent the majority of the trip cuddled up right next to each other. On the way, we made a quick stop to the Haribo candy outlet, which was like putting a coupe of kids in... well, a candy store. I ended up buying a big bag of chocolate bars for about 13 Euro, and then it was back in the car for the rest of the drive. Rynn and I were still pretty jet-lagged, so she fell asleep, and I was snoozing soon after. Once we arrived, our first stop was the Ramada, to get Pat and Iris checked in, and help them unload their stuff since it was all on top. The Ramada is conveniently connected to the convention center itself, but Rynn and I (along with most of our friends) would be staying at a different hotel. While we were unloading, Iris got a text from Dani, saying that she was at the convention center if we were available, so we made a point to stop by and say hello before we continued on to our hotel. Backstory Time: I've been internet-friends wit