How to Tie Mikasa Ackerman's Scarf

This is just a little tutorial I got an itch to make a while back. I just used my webcam to film it, so the quality could be better, but I hope you guys will enjoy it anyway! When I decided to cosplay Mikasa, one of the first things I noticed, is that it seemed impossible to tie a scarf of average length, into Mikasa's short style. Furthermore, the way it was drawn, seemed impossible. How could the tails come straight down, in the center, from under a smooth band across the neck? And then, I discovered the Ascot Knot, which I will now demonstrate. :) There are some slight modifications in my tutorial, to get a more specific look, specifically for Mikasa cosplayers. RESOURCES: Survey Corps patches were purchased from Seraphita @ Etsy: Scarf purchased from eBay - Click Here for the listing Background music is Jiyuu no Tsubasa, orchestrated by Viet Tran on Youtube.

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