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☆ KumoriCon 2014 ☆

September 11, 2014



It seems like the older I get, the more conventions I attend, the busier and more jam-packed my schedule is at each of them.  Even though I managed to cut back to only three conventions this year, they were no less jam-packed on a day to day basis. KumoriCon was probably the busiest convention I've attended all year!  For the third year in a row, Ninja of the Night was invited back to host panels, emcee and entertain during the Sunday Afternoon cosplay contest.  I had to pull out at the last minute in 2013 due to working multiple cons and moving in the course of two months; wedging KumoriCon in the middle just wasn't reasonable.   I was both excited and dreading returning this year, faced with the daunting lineup of 2 performances (one of which clocked in at 25 minutes long!), 2 panels, and judging the Craftsmanship Contest.  Through some Miracle, we managed to come out alive.  How?  Well, I'm still not sure, but here's how it all went down.

The full cast of our "Rules" presentation for Opening Ceremonies. Left>Right, Alycia (CAMYCosplay) as Sasha, Niki (Maoinabox) as Jean, myself as Mikasa, Mandy (Nutcracker) as Eren, Rynn (RynnCosplay) as Armin, Kayla (BATCosplay) as Levi, and Tanya as Hanji.


☆ T H U R S D A Y ☆

Day Before Con (also known as Day Zero) was a lot of touch-and-go.  I had planned to be packed and ready on Wednesday night, but was suddenly hit by a minor migraine that kept me from getting finished.  I worked a full day at the office on Thursday, then came home and scrambled to pack everything I needed for the weekend. I wasn't alone, as everyone else (including Rynn, who had arrived late on Wednesday night) was over at Kayla and Mandy's finishing up last minute pieces for the skit.   I wasn't sure I was going to make it out to the Hotel with everyone else that night, but somehow it all came together and I headed out at around 9PM to meet up with the rest of the crew.  

That's when the weekend hit it's first snag -- the lot that they had all parked in during previous years at the con, was no longer a free-for-all; it was surrounded by fencing and designated for convention staff only.  Frustrated, and with no idea what to do, the rest of them checked in and I headed across the bridge to Denny's (the only food place still open after 11PM, which was what time it was by the time we all got to Vancouver, checked in, and inquired about where to eat) and waited for everyone else to arrive.  Food was had, and then we all went back to the hotel