San Japan, Here I Come!

After much debate and uncertainty surrounding my Time Off requests, I'm finally confirmed for San Japan! Ordered my badge today, as well as signed up for the Cosplay Contest. Now I just need to finish my costume and mix some audio! It seems like a lot of people are skipping town this year in favor of other cons like Dragon Con, so I'm going also going to bring along my camera and try to help fill the photographer void! Aside from entering the cosplay contest, I'm planning to take it pretty easy -- I'm busting my butt to finish Garnet for the contest, but outside of that I'm going to be bringing along Misty (which I made last year but have no photos of), and hopefully Nana (as long as I can get the shirt painted). I've really been enjoying playing with my camera this year, so I'm hoping for a good, productive weekend!

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