Once Upon a Time

Snow White

As you can probably tell from my portfolio, I don't usually do Live-Action costume recreation.  I recently decided that I wanted to check out some local Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comic Cons, and for that I wanted something that wasn't Animated or Japanese Origin. "Once Upon a Time" is one of my guilty pleasure shows, and although Regina is probably my favorite character I prefer Snow's costumes; I've also had people tell me I look kind of like Ginnifer Goodwin (the actress who protrays Snow White). I really loved her outfit in Season 2, and when I was able to find the EXACT fabric they used for her jacket in the show?  Well, I was sold.   This costume sat in my stock for a couple years, untouched, until I finally decided to finish her in The Year of the Stockpile (2020)


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VARIATION: Enchanted Forrest S2
COMPLETED: September 2020
DEBUTED: Rose City ComicCon


COST: <$



Costume Construction

The wig is an inexpesive lace front that I purchased on ebay.  I did a lot of custom work on it, including a LOT of teasing/back-combing to get the volume I wanted, and then a combination of twists/braids on the sides. 

For the blouse and jacket/capes, I started with the McCalls pattern 6819, which was drafted distinctly for this design.  The whole thing was a hot mess though, and required a LOT of modifications and alteration. The pattern is definitely designed like a Costume, but I wanted it to be a little more authentic.  The pieces were a good start though.  The fabric I used for the main jacket was Robert Allen Diamond Tuft in Natural.  As it turns out, this is the exact fabric that was used on her costume in the series.  From there, I hand-stitched czech glass beads to the center of every diamond on the finished garment -- (about 500 in total). _______


The gloves were elbow-length faux leather gloves that I bought on ebay.  I cut them shorter and re-hemmed them for my needs. 

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