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Snow White

Disney's 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves'

I had purchased the wig for another Snow White costume that just wasn't in my budget anymore, and decided to see if there was anything else I could use it for.  I discovered this design, and immediately loved the unconventional silhouette (not typical for the various Snow White designs Disney has release).  I decided it would be a fun project, to see if I could make it entirely out of leftovers, and things I could scavenge from friends.  I had a gold fabric with vines on it that I'd been hoarding for years, as well as a few other scrap and abandoned-project supplies, so I thought, why not give it a shot?


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VARIATION: 2009 Collectors Doll


COST: <$



Costume Construction

The wig is an Arda "Jane" in Black, with some brushing, and light trimming/styling on my part.  

The only materials I purchased for this costume specifically were heart applique pieces, trims, beads, and _____,  Everything else was salvaged either from my stockpile, or my friend's leftovers/abandoned projects.  This kept the cost EXTREMELY low, which was part of the fun and challenge.  

The bodice is based off of a Princess Seamed bodice pattern I owned that included the Elizabethan stand-up collar.  then, I Frankensteined in the dress base from another pattern I had, and had previously used for my Amalthea costume.   There is a Duck Cloth and Zip-Tie-Boning structure layer built into the dress, meaning I don't need any kind of special undergarments.  The sleeves were hand-drafted by me.  

The cloak is made from a wine red velveteen that I got from a friend.  I patterned out and draw on all the cross-hashing, then stitched cord and beads over top.  The whole thing was then lined with an insane amount of non-static red lining I had lying around, and embellished w/ gimp braid on the very edges.  

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