Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino


I was looking for a 3rd, easy costume to make/wear for KatsuCon.  Rynn had thrown together a casual Naru costume for KumoriCon 2014 but didn't get a chance to wear it.  I thought it would be fun to throw together a casual Usagi for us to wear together.  I was able to get a wig for fairly inexpensive on ebay, and I chose this particular design for several reasons -- it's simplicity/the easy of making it, and alos because it was one of the designs that stuck out most in my memories of the series.


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VARIATION: Casual - Blue Jumper
COMPLETED: February 2015
DEBUTED: KatsuCon 2015

WORN TO: KatsuCon 2015

COST: <$75



The wig was made by giving some TLC to an Ebay Sailor Moon wig -- the cap was too large, and I had to take it in so that it would even remotely fit my head.  The white hoodie was made from a knit fabric from JoAnn, using a pattern that I had picked up out of curiousity (and I ended up really liking it). The jumper was made by modifying an Apron pattern, and constructed out of blue quilters cotton. The moon pendant was drawn by hand and cut out of a very thick piece of craft foam, sealed with wood glue, and then painted with metalic gold acrylic paint. The shoes and socks were purchased for cheap from WalMart.  The hardest thing about this costume was just cleaning up the wig styling, and keep it on -- it's very heavy.

Costume Construction

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