Utena Tenjou

Revolutionary Girl Utena

At the time of this costume's creation, I was just beginning to get into the idea of going to an Anime Convention for the first time. I was particularly enamored with Revolutionary Girl Utena,  and had a certain fondness for Utena herself.  Something about her character has just hit a good place with me.  I didn't have the skills to do her duelist outfit, and at the time I hadn't SEEN anyone do her school uniform, so I got my Nana to help me make that.


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VARIATION: School Uniform - Anime colors

STATUS:  Retired
DEBUTED: SakuraCon 2003

WORN TO: SakuraCon 2003

COST: <$150
CONSTRUCTION TIME: I don't remember.

Although I didn't do much of the sewing on this one myself, I called all the shots -- which, in hindsight, was probably not the best idea.  The wig is probably the best part, as pale-pink wigs of any quality were a rare thing back in the day, and this one was actually fairly nice, and my wonderful supportive mom spent $75 on it for me.   I made the Duelist ring myself out of sculpy, then painted it.  The rest of the costume though, was a train wreck.  The pattern we used was perfect in theory -- it was a simple button up jacket with a stand up collar; except the pattern was for boys, didn't fit my chest right, and on top of it all, was extremely unflattering.  We bought a semi-stretch black fabric that, once all of the ribbon trim was added onto it, COMPLETELY lost it's stretch.  In the end, the jacket didn't fit and had to be safety pinned closed.  The shoes were white ked-knock-offs from the drug store, painted, with red bias-tape ribbons.  The whole thing was a mess.  This costume is more a lesson in what NOT to do.

So why do I even bother posting it?  Because it was my first REAL cosplay, and I want everyone to remember, that no one just starts out being good at this.  It's a learning process.  And really,  I'll always treasure this costume, because my Nana helped me make it.

In 2012, I tried my hand at Utena again, just to see how far I've come.  The results are mind boggling to me

Costume Construction

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