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Velvet of Valentine


Sometime around 2011, a bunch of my friends were talking about cosplaying from Odin Sphere.  Gwendolyn and Mercedes were quickly snapped up and, knowing nothing about the game, I was stuck with Velvet.  Then I researched, and watched the entire compilation of story elements from the game;  Velvet became my favorite character, and I started collecting fabrics.  The group fell apart, and my confidence in myself and my body faded, so I stuck the fabric away, to be used on something else later.  There it sat for several years, until Summer 2016 when I faltered in my work on Garnet, and needed something that I felt I could crank out before my upcoming con. I still had everything to make Velvet, including a wig that no one seemed to want to buy.  Seemed a little something like Fate. 


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VARIATION: in-game
COMPLETED: August 2016

DEBUTED:  San Japan 2016

WORN TO:  San Japan 2016

COST: Unknown (see notes)

AWARDS: Best in Class - Master's Divison @ SanJapan 2016



Costume Construction

All of the red elements (hood, 'skirt', and sleeves) were made from a red-shot-black faux silk that I found in the JoAnn red tags sometime in 2011. All of these pieces were drafted by hand, with the sarong/skirt and hood being fully lined in the same fabric.  The hood also consists of 7 appliqued and satin stsitched stars made of gold silk dupioni.   The veil is made of black peach skin and various black lace trims, all permanently attached to a modified felt hat base.   The jewelry is made of strong gold filigree beads and black bugle beads, with filigree stars laid over sealed foamie stars.   The wig is a Epic Cosplay "Hera" in Caramel Blonde, and is unstyled except for pinning back the bangs, and combing out the curls for a softer look. 

The black shirt is made from stretch velvet and was hand-sewn to a deconstructed bra, for shape and stability. The rest sleeves and gold ruffles (made from the same silk dupioni as the stars on the hood) were hand-sewn to the shirt as well. The red sleeves are faux slash-sleeve style, with the insets cut on the opposite grain as the rest of the fabric, to give a very small amount of contrast.  

The skirt/sarong is a modified circle skirt -- more like an Egg skirt, with the front being longer than the back. The 'waist drape' is made of black peachskin with a burgundy net overlay. The stockings are a pair of fishnet striped thigh-highs, which I chose for the added texture.  The garters were made using a lovely pre-made organza ruffle trim I got from JoAnn; I sewed 2 strips together, with a strip of Peach Skin top-stitched over the center. the garters and stockings were hand-sewn to a pair of tights to keep them up while I wore them.   The shoes were a pair of kitten heel pumps in 'faux suede' that I ordered on ebay.  when they arrived, they were more of a velveteen or velour than faux suede, but that worked out in my favor.  :)

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