Winry Rockbell

Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa

Around November of 2006, my friends and I began discussing how AWESOME it would be to do a big Fullmetal Alchemist group, in their movie costumes. I had already planned to cosplay Ed's movie outfit, but for the purposes of this group I picked up Winry, because Kayla (BATCosplay) wanted to be Ed, and was the shortest of the group, which made her the most appropriate for the part. In the end, I really liked cosplaying as Winry though, and this is what pushed me to do more of her costumes


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COMPLETED: April 2007

STATUS: Retired
DEBUTED: SakuraCon 2007

WORN TO: SakuraCon 2007, Anime Central 2008

COST: <$100

Costume Construction

The wig started out as an Alicia XL in #613 from by New Look (purchased from Cosworx, now shopping). I custom combed, cut, and styled the bangs over top of the existing bangs, straightened the wig a bit, and pulled it up into a ponytail (Clip-in ponytails were pretty rare back in the day). The shirt was made from a blouse pattern that I found that had the right kind of collar, and I heavily modified -- Facing was put in, instead of sleeves, and I replaced the front buttons with an invisible zipper. The pants were a pair of black Capri's that I shortened just a bit for accuracy. The belts (and sorry excuse for a fanny-pack) were made from a brown duck clothe, with belt buckles that I got off of belts from Value Village. The jacket was made from a burgundy-wine trigger-poplin. My first wrench prop I made myself from foam-core board, wonderflex, and many layers of acrylic paint in various colors. I later borrowed a real wrench from Darkain, and then finally acquired one of my own as a gift from Kayla. 

The shoes, were a nightmare -- The first pair, the covers ripped, and the shoes gave me awful blisters. The second pair was made starting with a pair of pumps, and then building the shape with craft foam and hot glue. I then covered it strategically in pieces of white broadclothe and jersey, until I got the final results (much better looking, and more more comfortable than the first pair)

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