Winry Rockbell 

Fullmetal Alchemist

I had already made two other Winry costumes -- my movie one, which is awkward to wear with series-based FMA designs, and my Mechanic outfit, which I had retired almost immediately. So, for my last minute decision to attend KumoriCon 07, I figured it would be good to make a new Series-Based Winry to go with my friend's series-based FMA costumes.


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VARIATION: Traveling
COMPLETED: August 2007

STATUS: Retired
DEBUTED: KumoriCon 2007

WORN TO: KumoriCon 2007, FanimeCon 2010

COST: <$50



Costume Construction

The skirt was a lucky find at the local thrift store - it only cost about $4, and I think it was a dance practice skirt in it's former life. The tank top was made with no pattern from a white sports-knit fabric that I dyed a very very pale green (which, unfortunately, doesn't show in any of the photos). The jacket was made with a black twill, using a jacket pattern I already had. The boots were a pair of black zip-ups I found at value village, cut out the front, and inserted grey vinyl 'tongues' with super glue. the socks were just a pair of white crew socks I had lying around, but they're still a detail that gets overlooked on this costume. I already had the wig of course from my previous Winry costumes. The Wrench and toolbox in most of the photos were lent to me by Darkain. Probably one of the easiest costumes I ever made, it went together in about a week

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