The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Yuki Nagato

COMPLETED: Summer 2012
DEBUTED: KumoriCon 2012

WORN TO: KumoriCon 2012

COST: <$50




This was another collaborative group costume.  For KumoriCon 2012, NOTN was asked to host, which included entertaining while the judges deliberated during the cosplay contest.  For this, we decided to do the cast of Haruhi Suzumiya, and I was cast as Yuki for my ability to pull off the stoic characters. 


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Costume Construction
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Kayla and I (but mostly Kayla) sweatshopped all three girls' uniforms in just over a weekend.  It was a lot of assembly-line work.  The collars, skirts, and shirts were all made of various quilters cottons, while the front ties were made from casa satin.  The colored stripes in the cuffs and collars were custom-made bias tape, which I cut, sewed, and ran through Kayla's bias-tape-ironing machine.  The blue shirts underneath were facade pieces created on quilters cotton, and snapped around our bra-straps.  The school crest was printed on iron-on paper, and transferred that way.  The sweater was actually a lucky find at the thrift store, I just hat to cut open the front, and it curled in, and was perfect.  The wig was purchased on ebay, with no additional styling.    The socks were purchased from the local drug-store. 

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