Yuri Sakazaki

Capcom v. SNK

Honestly? It was coming up on SakuraCon 2004, and I realized I needed a third costume. While watching some of my college buddies play Capcom vs. SNK I saw Yuri, and at the time I had waist-length hair and thought "wow! She looks like me, and her costume is really easy!" In 2010 I decided to fix her up because I was going through a phase where I felt the urge to refine/remake my old costume, and I had never gotten any pictures of her.


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COMPLETED: Spring 2004 / Fall 2009

STATUS: Retired
DEBUTED: SakuraCon 2004 

WORN TO: SakuraCon 2004, FanimeCon 2010

COST: <$100



Costume Construction

Very last minute, and probably one of the quickest costumes I've ever made. The base unitard was purchased from Rivers Edge Dance Wear. The gloves were a pair of simple knit gloves I picked up at the dollar store and cut off the finger tips. The headband was just a red headband I purchased. The Gi is was made from an upholstery fabric I had lying around. The Belt was made from brown Corduroy (sp?) that is turned inside-out. The shoes the first time around where just a pair of white keds that I painted, and the "floppy socks" are a pair of dancers leg warmers. I ultimately replaced the shoes with actual high-tops, and acquired a real wig for these photos. 

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